“It has always been my practice to give credit where it’s due. Your crew made me look good in a tight spot. The Winery show is always magical mayhem. I’m sorry I did not get back to you sooner but I have not been off the road long enough to breath in a while.

I have written the fallowing statement and would be glad to edit it if you need me to.

The Gin Blossoms and I were recently involved in a show at the BR Cohn Winery in Glen Ellen California. I personally have a long history with this storied charity event hosted by Bruce Cohn and his Doobie Brothers so it was very much a home coming show for me.

There was no time for sound check and the stage was relatively small and crowded with gear belonging to the other acts on the bill.

The crew from Sacramento Production Services took it all in stride. They helped turn a “throw and go ” into one of our better sounding shows of the summer. Josh Sumpter did a great job of keeping the patch straight on a crowded stage, Keith Wackford and his Yamaha M7 pulled the monitor mix together in a hurry and Duane Wise had me set up just right on the Yamaha 5D out front. Having only line checked in the head phones I was pleased when the Martin rig sounded good from the moment I lifted the mutes. Hats off to Sacramento Production Services for a great sounding show !! And grace under pressure.”

– Bryan Allinsmith – Gin Blossoms